We will not write that the campsite is at the edge of a beautifully wild river, we will not write that from the campsite the view of the rock of Rochefort and its via ferrata is amazing, we will not write that this campsite is a calm and quiet campsite, the only one of Florac to be located on a small departmental, and even if all this is true, the main thing will be to give you the desire to leave the main roads, to try the adventure in our company and spend a different summer or not, slowly or not, with your friends or alone, with your donkey or your dog … .. come really as you want!


Basse SaisonHaute Saison (juillet/ août)
1 personne seule10,60 €11,60 €
2 personnes + emplacement + voiture14,60 €15,60 €
personne supplémentaire4,50 €5,50 €
- de 10 ans2,50 €3,50 €
- de 4 ansgratuitgratuit
électricité4,50 €4,50 €
animaux3,50 €4,50 €
pension âne10 €10 €
voiture supplémentaire3 €3 €